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“I am committed to supporting people in experiencing relief, restorative function and positive connections with their bodies by providing a healing-centered, trauma sensitive practice.

I value body positivity, safety, compassion and hope. Healing happens from that place in this space.”
— Mary Everitt, LMT

Mary Everitt, LMT, founded Rapha Healing Arts out of a desire to guide people into a space of relaxation and renewal.

“Rapha” is Hebrew for “to restore and heal,” and this is Mary’s primary aim as a massage therapist.

Through my work and life experiences I’ve found that we often have emotional connections to the changes that happen in our bodies.  Be it life events, illness, trauma, new and old injuries, or daily stressors; these require mental and emotional energy that finds a home in our physical tissue.

I take this into account and create a space that supports you as those layers unwind; physically, mentally and emotionally/spiritually.

I want to empower you as you engage with your body in this space and take the experience you have in the treatment room back into the world.

Mary is currently completing an internship to be certified in Trauma Touch Therapy™, a mindfulness-based bodywork approach.

She is driven to keep her practice a safe and welcoming place for all people from all walks of life.

Like many, Mary is a Portland transplant. She’s been licensed and practicing massage therapy since 2015. Prior to massage, Mary taught art and tutored ESL in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where she was raised.

She's spent her life in diverse environments and is passionate about nurturing community, connection and empowerment locally and globally.  In her personal life she likes a big cup of tea, playing and adventuring through each moment.

Mary is the provider of all services offered by Rapha Healing Arts and is licensed to practice massage therapy in the state of Oregon. To learn more about the types of bodywork she offers, click here.