Mary Everitt, LMT, founded Rapha Healing Arts out of a desire to guide people into a space of relaxation and renewal.

“Rapha” is Hebrew for “to restore and heal,” and this is Mary’s primary aim as a massage therapist.

When clients arrive at their sessions, they’re often holding tension from pain, stress, grief, trauma, or even excitement, but after an hour on the table, their countenances change. They feel lighter, and they move with more freedom in their bodies. Mary sees massage as a way to help people be in their bodies with more comfort, positive engagement and peace.

Having graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in 2015, Mary attends continuing education courses to increase her understanding of the body and its mechanisms, and how to activate those systems to provide her clients with relief.

The more she learns about the body, the more she recognizes the order inherent within it, as well as how much dysfunction, stress, and events in our lives can disrupt that order.

Mary is the provider of all services offered by Rapha Healing Arts and is licensed to practice massage therapy in the state of Oregon. To learn more about the types of massages she offers, click here.