Wellness Massage

Duration varies

I work with you to address areas of tension, pain and restriction and help you find release, energy and restful ease in your body.

Your massage is crafted by blending modalities and techniques including:

  • deep tissue

  • swedish

  • myofascial release

  • trigger point therapy

  • acupressure

  • shiatsu

New Client Intro for your first visit please plan to arrive 10 minutes early to ensure we have time for a complete intake. You’ll fill out an intake form during scheduling, which I’ll review beforehand. Intro price until 06/2019… $50/60 min.

60 min. massage… $70

90 min. massage… $105

120 min. massage…$135

Client-directed massage is an option for folks who have histories with negative touch and trauma.  You can experience healthy boundaries, communication and attendance to your body and needs in the context of this session.  We use open communication and mindfulness to help you connect with what’s happening in your body, and you are in control of how the session unfolds. Please call or email me if you have questions prior to scheduling…$70/60 min

Herbal foot soaks combined with hand, neck, and head massage provide a relaxing and therapeutic treatment specifically addressing headaches and fatigue. Herbal blends are available depending on your specific needs. This can be a stand-alone treatment or a precursor to your full body treatment… $45/30 min

Hot towel myofascial release is an add-on that does wonders for plantar fasciitis and other lower leg and foot tension. This treatment’s affects will be felt in the whole body. Can be an add-on or an extended treatment… $30/30 min

Are you navigating a health concern and curious if massage would be helpful? Please email us with your questions!

Hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 8:30am to 8pm. Massages are by appointment only, and sessions take place at Portland Wellness Professionals — 9955 SE Washington St. Suite 303 Portland, OR 97216

Travel Massage

Duration Varies
Price Varies

Onsite chair and table massage for businesses and events. Experience includes street fairs, teacher appreciation days, retreats, music festivals, and in-home practice.

To inquire and schedule a chair or table massage for your next event, call 503-924-9667 or email meverittlmt@gmail.com.